1.  "Are the mousepads coated?"

No they are not coated.

2.  "How should I wash my mousepad?"

We recommend scrubbing with a gentle soap and rinsing off in the shower/bathtub. For the full guide click here.

3.  "Do you do custom orders?" 

Not at the moment unfortunately.

4.  "How do you get your art?"

We look through thousands of illustrations and designs from artists to find the perfect pieces to license/commission for distribution. We then edit/combine the art in-house to suit a mousepad format. We also directly commission art and design ideas from artists and graphic designers.  

5.  "Are the mousepads waterproof?"

No, while they are humidity resistant, they are not water proof. 

6.  "What is the surface like?"

Our new pads use a textured hybrid surface that's nearly identical to the artisan hien and aqua control 2.

Our Vector mousepad uses a soft and smooth control-oriented surface that is very similar to the qck and gsr-se.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.