Kurai Pastel
Kurai Pastel

Kurai Pastel

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Pink, blue, and yellow 3D style design creates a beautiful pastel aesthetic. Japanese text translates to "pointo" or point.

Durable textured hybrid surface provides a balanced blend of speed and control, ideal for pro and casual players alike. Humidity-resistant to allow for a consistent glide regardless of conditions. 

Low-profile stitched edges rest nearly level with the surface for improved comfort and durability.

No tacky logos or tags. Aesthetically pleasing without compromise. 

Anti-slip, soft natural rubber base keeps your mousepad planted.

Eco-friendly packing without plastic wrap or color ink waste. 

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Japanese style light blue pink yellow gaming desk pad pastel palewave Japanese printed gaming mouse pad XL


Bring your desktop to life with the Kurai Pastel. Aesthetically pleasing without tacky logos or tags. 
Japanese text pink blue yellow gaming desk mat  pastel pale wave artisan desk mat surface close up

Textured Hybrid surface

Balanced blend of speed and control. Easy to clean. Extremely durable.

Low-profile stitching

Our hand-stitched edges rest nearly level with the surface for comfort and durability.

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Control-oriented soft cloth surface for maximum stopping power. 

Anti-slip rubber base keeps the mouse pad planted. 

4MM unstitched soft rubber edge for comfort.

Pink and Blue Geometric graphic gives your setup a futuristic feel. 

Stock is limited and once this design is gone it is gone forever.